Our logo represents the classical Industry conundrum!
How to connect 9 dots with only 4 lines- By thinking out of the box.
How to meet your goals, through our 9 services connecting them through one stroke of continuous line. We do this by simply thinking beyond the limitations!!

We provide the following Services:
  1. Manufacturing.
  2. Product Desiging
  3. Concept Designing
  4. Prototype and Tools and Die Development 
  5. Supplier Identification.
  6. Supplier Development.
  7. Project Management.
  8. Logistics Management.
  9. Cost Reduction through the following: 
    • Value Addition and Assembly.
    • Value Engineering and Value Analysis.
    • Consolidated Supply Management.
    • Just in Time Supply Management.
    • Purchasing Market Analysis.
    • Supplier Development in Low Cost Countries.

Example of the Concept Design

Plastic Case Project

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