Company Information

Our Company History

About the Leadership-


 Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Sinha, Group Advisor

50 Years Industry Experience and former CEO in Manufacturing Irrigation Equipment, Bio technology, Chemical and Transportation Industry. 


 Late Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha, Former founder Director and Inventor 

 45 years and Former General Manager in Coal India Mining Industry.


Shalu Sinha, CEO Business Coordinator

B.A Economics Honors, India

10 Years Wholesale/ Retail product distribution and Global Logistics Operations.

11 Years Automotive Manufacturing Industry.. 



Sameer Sinha, President 

B.E Production Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, India

M.S Industrial Engineering, Western Michigan University, USA

21 years Automotive Industry 


Experience- Powertrain Cooling systems, Fuel delivery systems, Fluid Power systems, Tooling Systems, Chassis Systems, Truck powertrain (Engine , Transmission, Turbocharger and Transfercase),  Driveline and Suspension systems. 


With Education in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering and experience in several different Automotive systems I realized that the Industry wants a solution provider who can better target products that meet their unique system performance requirements.


With over 100  years of combined family history in diversified mining, manufacturing and industry we started developing solutions that help customers overcome some of very unique problems that are generally overlooked by the industry. Solutions which will help the environment and assist in increasing efficiency.


Our very first solution which was the ADventSYSTM Line of products for venting Gear Boxes of any kind or electric Motors was developed. 

Thereafter we started understanding customer requirements and delivering specific solutions such as 3-1 Dipstick assemblies and other solutions helping our clients meet their VA/VE and cost reduction targets including delivery of technical solutions that assist their product.


Growth Milestones


2005 ASPRA World was founded by introducing ADventSYSTM .


2007 ASPRA World Expanded into Manufacturing Facilities in India managed by Indian operated subsidiaries, ASPRA Engineering India Pvt. Ltd and ASPRA Enterprises parts made from Precision machining and Elastomeric seals.


2010 ASPRA World expanded into offering Turnkey solutions which included Plastic injection molded assemblies.


2013 ASPRA World Obtained TS16949-2009 Certification and expanded into Stamping operations up to 300 Ton Presses.


2014 ASPRA World is Acquiring and expanding US manufacturing Facilities and developing in house prototyping capability with VMC and CNC Machining complete with Inspection Lab.


 2016 ASPRA World introduced Fine grinding and Heat Treated products made in USA.


2017 onwards APSRA World is committed to investing in its business by implementing highly capable and high quality manufacturing equipment, Trained workforce and greater financial strength to meet demanding challenges it's customers are placing. This includes Multi axis machining, addition of quality control equipment, Automation, expansion of Facilities etc to name a  few.  



Our Business Philosophy

We commit ourselves to helping Our customers meet their cost reduction targets  focusing on implementing Innovative  solutions to achieve the objectives of  High  Quality and  Delivery performance at most competitive prices.