Highway Trucks & Busses

ASPRA World provides a range of components, and systems for highway trucks, and buses. These vehicles need to be reliable, and efficient to ensure the safety, and comfort of their passengers.

Aspra World powertrain components operate reliably and consistently to power diesel engines, and transmit that power through transmission and transfer case systems to the front, and rear axles providing torque as per the designed criteria established by the client.

Aspra World manufactured fuel system connectors ensure leak-free connections that provides safe operational conditions despite harsh conditions and environment.

Aspra World braking, and steering components ensure 100% reliability to ensure that the vehicle operator has full control of the vehicle at all times.

Aspra World powertrain, and critical system components have successfully logged several hundred million miles combined over the past one and a half decades. 

ASPRA World products deliver as expected and as per design performance 100% without any warranty claim, and quality delivered at 0 ppm levels. ASPRA World stands by every product, and ensures trouble free performance in the respective application. 

Be it EV, Diesel, Gasoline/Petrol, or Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicles, ASPRA World is capable of providing products that perform 100% as expected with 0 ppm Quality Levels.

 ASPRA World stands by every product, and ensures trouble free performance in application.” 

Our popular Powertrain components are:

  • Sleeves Bushings 
  • Thrust washers 
  • Flat, and Spherical washers 
  • Shims 
  • Splined adapters 
  • Housings 
  • Shafts 
  • Covers 
  • Kncukle cover assemblies 
  • Breather vents 
  • Fluid Connectors, and Manifolds 
  • Brake pistons 
  • Rotors 
  • Splined Shafts 
  • High tenstion bolts 
  • King pins 
  • Machined forgings
  • Machined castings
  • Fasteners

Military Land Vehicle Systems

ASPRA World is proud to be a partner in building a Stronger America. With our unique powertrain solutions for PALADINSPH, BFV, MLRD, AMPV, NAMER AFV, M88A2 HERCULES. M60 SERIES, M88A1, AVLB, JLTV we ensure our nation remains strong and always alert towards enemies that are foreign or domestic.

Military land vehicles require high-quality, and reliable systems to ensure their performance, and safety. Fastening solutions are crucial for ensuring that vehicle components stay securely in place, even in the toughest terrain, and under extreme conditions. Fuel systems are essential for keeping vehicles running smoothly, and efficiently, while power transmission systems are responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels or tracks. Hydraulic fluid power systems are also important for controlling the movement of the vehicle’s various components, such as steering, and brakes. Providing these types of systems, and solutions ASPRA World can help ensure that our military land vehicles are able to operate effectively, and safely in a variety of situations.

Freight Rail Chassis, and Braking System

ASPRA World Commitment to Quality with 0 PPM applied to the Critical Components of the Railway Industry ensures goods to reach their destination by freight rail on time. From Manufacturing Brake Rod Jaws to Brake Cylinder Push Rods, ASPRA World leaves no stone unturned in exploring the highest value and quality solutions for the client. 

Freight car offerings: 

  • ASPRA World provides complete machined Forgings 
  • Molded Rubber Sub Assemblies 
  • Ductile Iron Castings 
  • Machined Shafts 

Earthmoving Equipment

ASPRA World Fluid Power connectors are designed to provide reliable and secure transmission of fluid in both pneumatic and hydraulic applications. These connectors are specifically engineered to ensure a leak-free operation throughout their entire operational time.

The connectors manufactured by ASPRA World Fluid Power are designed with precision and high-quality materials to withstand the demanding conditions of fluid power systems. They are built to provide a tight and secure connection, preventing any leakage or loss of fluid during operation.

By using ASPRA World Fluid Power connectors, you can have confidence in the integrity of your fluid power system. The connectors are carefully tested and validated to meet strict quality standards, ensuring their effectiveness and durability.


ASPRA World is capable of supporting the market as, and when they need to keep the wheels of economy turning. If you have a breakdown on the highway or track, with right planning ASPRA World can keep your equipment running, and helping you to reach your destination or goals.

ASPRA World’s qualified engineering team can assist you in reverse engineering, and developing application specific solution to assist you with your mechanical component needs.

Leveraging ASPRA World’s vast reach in manufacturing ecosystem, we can get you out of your bind in no time.

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