Johnford ST100CH w C&Y axis live tool21″ Chuck, 5-1/2″ Bar, 92″ Shaft, 24-1/2″ OD
Takisawa TNR200YS8″ Chuck,6″chuck Sub, Live tool Y Axis
Mazak 200MS with Sub spindle and Live tool x 2 Machines8″ Chuck and Bar Feed
Okuma Cadet CNC Lathe x 28″ Chuck
Nakamura Tome TMC-4 Lathe12″Chuck
Leadwell LTC 30 CP Lathe15″ Chuck 4.62″ Bar
Haas ST30 Lathe10″ Chuck 3″ Bar
Mighty Viper VT25BL10″ Chuck and 40 ” Between Centers 3″ Bar
Yang SML20 CNC Lathe6″ Chuck
Supermax YCM-TC2 Lathe6″ Chuck -Plastic Stock
Manual Lathe 20″ Swing, 12″ Chuck, 60″ Shaft, 60″ Turn 
Surface Grinding 12″ x 24″ 
OD Grinding 10″ x 24″ 
Glass Blasting 18″ x 24″ 
Welding Ferrous/Non-Ferrous MIG Wire Feed 
Citizens L2020mm Capability 7 Axis
Citizens A2020mm Capability 7 Axis
Mazak HTC-400 HMC with Pallet Changer x 4 Indexes22.05″x20.08″x20.08″ x 4 sides x2 Pallets
Makino S33 Pallet Changer VMC25.6″x19.7″x17.7″ x 2 Pallets
AmeriSeiki VAS 340″x20″x25″
AmeriSeiki VAS 3+4rth Axis40″x20″x25″
Doosan MV 402040.2″x20.1″x24.6″
Doosan MV4020+4rth Axis40.2″x20.1″x24.6″
Leadwell MCV 1300 VMC51.8″x24.9″x23.9″
Mazak V414/22 VMC x 2 Machines22.04″x16.14″18.11″
Sharp SV2412 VMC24″x12″x18″
Supermax YCM VMC V56T22.04″x16.14″x17.71″
Haas VF0 VMC20″x16″x20″
Kiwa EXCEL-510 VMC19.75″16″x18″


Lathe & Milling: 0.0004″

Grinding: 0.0002″


Inspection: To MIL-145208

ST30 Optical Comparator


Varsitron Hardness Tester

Wislon Hardness Tester

Conventional Gauges and Gage Blocks

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